One of the last Missouri Centennial Farm in St. Louis County, BHV&W has a Butterfly Garden, Manicured Grounds, Two – State Hill Top View, and convenience to all in St. Louis and St. Charles. Boenker Hill Vineyard and Winery creates a memorable experience for all occasions.

Wedding Vows at a St. Louis wineryBoenker Hill Vineyard and Winery is just 5 – miles West of Lambert Field, St. Louis International Airport and 1/2 mile off Highway 270 and 70 at the St. Charles Rock Road Exit. The Boenker Family Farm sets in the middle of 34-acres that has been in operation since ~ 1800s. The farmhouse and barn, butterfly garden and walking grounds offer an unparalleled combination of elegance and quiet all within the prospering city of Bridgeton in St. Louis County.

Planning a garden & winery wedding, business conference or any special event, or just set back, relax and taste a sampling of the “Wines of Missouri”, Boenker Hill Vineyard and Winery remains one of the top “must see locations” on your visit in St. Louis.

History of the Hill

The Boenker Hill farm has been a St. Louis establishment since ~ 1800. An Indian Burial Ground for 10,000 years and then the last 200 years, the Boenker Family raised wheat, corn, soybeans, fruit trees, produce and grapes!

Boenker Story

Owners Matthew and JoLynn Boenker with Grandson Jackson
Owners Matthew and JoLynn Boenker with Grandson Jackson

Upon the death of Helen Boenker in 2003, a loving wife and mother, son Matthew Boenker walked with his father Edward H.W. Boenker to the garden and sat under the flower trellis. As we looked out onto the sunset over the hill, we wondered what would become of the family farm.   All 10 children were now grown, with families and lives of their own. Some siblings thought it best to sell the farm, but others wanted to keep it. Matthew and his wife JoLynn, had the vision and will to convince the family to convert the farm from row crops to a prosperous vineyard and winery. What you are seeing today is the fruition of that dream.

We would like for you, your family and friends to be a part of our family tradition. Whether you’re planning a garden/winery wedding, a business party, or simple family reunion, come enjoy the warm hospitality of the Boenker Family! This venue will allow you to enjoy, relax, and celebrate your special event. We strive for your experience at Boenker Hill Winery & Vineyard to be a place is “Where Memories are Created”.

Tribute to Dad and Mom

Mr. and Mrs. BoenkerDad and Mom were married October 3, 1942. High School (Pattonville) Sweet-Hearts, 61 years of marriage, raising 10 children on the Boenker Farm. Mom was always happy with being a mom and raising us children but dad was a man of many talents and life experiences. First, young Eddie was a farm boy, and then joined the Navy Sea-Bees during WW-II. He returned home and worked as a self-employed earth-moving equipment operator, then a gas station manager, automotive mechanic, and finally a City of Bridgeton Councilman (for 8-years). They both loved God, each other and us 10 children, 24 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren for 83 and 88 years respectively. Besides our large family, Edward also made time for others and was a proud leader in our local neighborhood and community. Mom died in 2003 and dad died in May 2009 at home with his children all at his bedside.

The Farm’s Outdoor Events


  • Three (3) acres surrounded by 30 Acres of farm ground high on a 600 foot hilltop.
  • Outdoor lighting at center of events.
  • Outdoor seating for up to 500+ guests.
  • 30 X 60 Foot 1,800 square foot of Barn for use and pictures.
  • Kitchen to support full Catering
  • Inside Wine Bar and Tasting Room and Sales Area
  • Fully handicapped restrooms
  • Outside Bar on the Barn to support outdoor events
  • Parking for 300+ automobiles (valet parking)

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